Fight Club is a cautionary tale about the importance of getting your zzzs.  Start Sleeping reports forty percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep, but luckily there are ways to avoid ending up like the Narrator/Rupert/Tyler from the book and movie.

Woman Sleeping

Getting Enough Sleep

Knowing how much sleep your body needs is a good starting point for making sure you’re getting the right amount. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults ages 18-60 get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Eric J. Olsen, MD says “Some people claim to feel rested on just a few hours of sleep a night, but their performance is likely affected. Research shows that people who sleep so little over many nights don’t perform as well on complex mental tasks as do people who get closer to seven hours of sleep a night.”

Setting the Mood

Having good sleep hygiene can be crucial in getting quality slumber, especially if you’re someone who is experiencing problems. The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School says part of that good hygiene is making sure your bedroom is relaxing and conducive to sleep.  “A quiet, dark, and cool environment can help promote sound slumber.” CDC advises to ditch the electronics from your boudoir and resist consuming alcohol or caffeine before bed.

Get Dialed In

If you want to keep an eye on how much sleep you’re getting, technology can help. For a more in depth look into the quality of your slumber, a wearable tracker might be right for you. Fitbit and Fossil make smartwatches that log your sleeping hours, and keep track of how restful your sleep is, including the different stages. If you don’t want to commit to wearing a piece of jewelry, there are sleep tracker apps available for Samsung Health and Apple Health that allow you to log hours slept, based on generated estimates from phone inactivity.

It’s a Health Thing

Getting the right amount of restful sleep isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s actually vital to your health and happiness. CDC reports “insufficient sleep has been linked to the development and management of a number of chronic diseases and conditions, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.”

Woman Sleeping

Talk to your Doctor

American Sleep Association estimates 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder.  If you have good sleep hygiene and you’re going to bed on time, but you find yourself tired thorough the day, it may be time to see a professional.

Don’t be like Tyler, sleep is important. Make sure you’re getting enough quality slumber.