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Going green is not only good for our earth, but also for us and our health. Recently, we have seen monumental changes as our pollution and emission rates decrease, making it better for our air quality. We have more solar power options to provide more clean energy. Large companies and small businesses everywhere are using recycled products to reduce waste. These are all great changes to help our planet get a little healthier, but what about us and our health? We work so hard to stay healthy by eating right and exercising, but there are some simple things we do each day that are potentially harmful to our health that you may not even realize. Here are a few daily practices you should be aware of as they may be a hidden health hazard.


Drinking and Eating Out of Plastic

Life can be so busy; and when you’re on the go, the last thing on your mind is what material you are eating or drinking out of. It’s easy and convenient to grab that plastic water bottle, but it is very likely that the water can be contaminated with harmful chemicals. Some of the chemicals that leak into our water or food have been linked to cause cancer, infertility, and other metabolic disorders, including obesity. Of course we can’t avoid plastic all together, but you can be sure to store your left over food in glass containers rather than plastic. This will benefit so much because it is far more likely for the harmful chemicals to leak into your food when it is heated up rather than just being stored at room temperature or cooler. You can also try using a reusable water container that is made out of some sort of metal to help reduce the risk.


Not Rinsing Your Food Before Eating

We all know that it’s important to rinse our fruits and veggies before preparing them; but did you know it’s also important to rinse off your canned food before opening it too? It seems obvious to rinse fruits and vegetables because they could have left over dirt from harvesting, and if they aren’t organic they can potentially still have some residual pesticides left over on them. Our canned food is just the same. They are stored in big warehouses and they spray down the areas the canned food is being stored with pesticides; so it is not uncommon for the pesticide to get on the cans themselves. When we open it and pour the contents out, some of the residual spray can contaminate our food. Be sure to rinse off at least the lid before opening the canned item.


Using Harmful Hygiene and Beauty Products

We all want to look, feel, and smell our best; but sometimes even our favorite products can be harmful to our health. Most products that are scented like lotions, deodorant, even feminine hygiene products have harmful chemicals, and sometimes metals, in them that can cause cancer, respiratory issues or disrupt your endocrine system. It’s better to go for unscented products that have a short ingredient list that you can actually understand when you read it.


In today’s world of convince and ease, it can be hard to know what is harmful and what is beneficial for our bodies. We work so hard to stay healthy so by being aware of some of the hidden health hazards out there, we are better able to care for ourselves and our families.