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Entering your 30’s is something to celebrate! Whether you’re just turning 30 or actually closer to 40, here are some bucket list items to cross off during this particular decade of your life.

Pay Off Debt

Maybe you lived a little above your means during your 20’s. Maybe you have a nice amount of student loans that need to be paid off. Either way, your 30’s are the best time to start paying off what you owe. Consider working the ‘debt snowball’ method to help you knock out your debt. Make a list of all the places you owe money to. For example, you might owe money for your phone, to your credit card company, a car dealership and for your student loans. List each debt out from smallest to largest. Put all your extra money towards the lowest debt and work your way through that, then continue the process- adding more money as you pay off lesser debts, until all debt is paid off.

Eliminate Excess

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Your 30’s are a wonderful time to start trimming the excess from your life. As you age, you start to realize how many things you can live without. Purge all unnecessary items from your home. Clothing, kitchen items, furniture, craft supplies, etc. Whatever takes up space in your home that you know you don’t really need- get rid of it. The same can be said with friendships that no longer serve you. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel once your entire life is a little bit lighter.

Give Back

If you haven’t yet found an opportunity to give back to your community, your 30’s are a great time to do so. An article written by Nicole Booz for states, “It can be hard to find your community once you leave home or leave college, but community is so important. It may take a while to find yours, but once you do, you need to foster the relationships and continue to show up for your community. Giving back to your community is another way of actively investing in your family and your future.”

Learn Something New

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You’re never too old to learn something new. Find a new hobby, read a new book, or take some classes that interest you. It’s important to remind yourself that you’re still smart and capable of learning. Often, our day to day lives don’t offer us opportunities to explore our interests. Pick something interesting and commit to learning more about it!

Challenge Yourself

Your 30’s are a time where you should be challenging yourselves mentally and physically. Do things you’ve always wanted to do but have always seemed too hard. Train for a marathon, go back to school, or become a fitness instructor. Show yourself how awesome you really are!

Your 30’s are a special time like no other. Make it the best decade of your life by crossing off these bucket list items!