A healthy lifestyle should include a fitness routine and it includes anything from walking to weightlifting. Moving your body helps you to be stronger, both physically and mentally! Aim to move a few times a week and watch your body and mind change in a positive way.

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How often do you exercise?
How often do you exercise?
How often do you exercise?

Beyond the Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training

Many people are familiar with the physical health benefits of strength training ranging from maintaining muscle mass as we age to improving our mobility and cardiovascular health. Strength training also improves our mental health by easing depression, combating anxiety, and improving our mental sharpness. Nevertheless, the most impactful benefits of [...]

Lift Weights

Weight training is for nearly everyone. It has oodles of health benefits for women and can turn our bodies into fat burning ovens by boosting our metabolism. Weights are great for getting stronger and looking trim. Cardio is awesome, but it’s not the only way for us to get healthy. [...]

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