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Maintaining positive relationships with yourself and others is crucial to living a happy, lively life! Review the articles below for our best tips on adulting, friendship, and self-confidence.

Bucket List Items to Cross Off in your 30’s

Entering your 30’s is something to celebrate! Whether you’re just turning 30 or actually closer to 40, here are some bucket list items to cross off during this particular decade of your life. Pay Off Debt Maybe you lived a little above your means during your 20’s. Maybe you have [...]

The Benefits of Going to Therapy

Despite mental health issues being at an all-time high, therapy is still something many people are failing to seek out. Here are a few of the many benefits therapy has to offer. Improve Communication If you find yourself lacking when it comes to communication or simply feel you need to [...]

Hidden Health Hazards

Going green is not only good for our earth, but also for us and our health. Recently, we have seen monumental changes as our pollution and emission rates decrease, making it better for our air quality. We have more solar power options to provide more clean energy. Large companies and [...]

Regulating Menopause Symptoms with Exercise

Menopause is not something we look forward to, but all have to go through eventually as women. Taking care of your body becomes increasingly more important as we age and during menopause, it can feel like an uphill battle. There are many side effects that we can’t help or control, [...]

Staying Healthy to Avoid Omicron

Omicron is one of the most contagious variants yet. Use these tips to stay healthy. Take Care of your Mental Health Poor mental health is linked to poor physical health. If you’re looking to stay as healthy as possible to avoid getting the latest Covid variant, it’s important to talk [...]

Things To Keep In Mind While In Your Twenties

Your twenties are a magical time in your life. You are now a young adult, able to participate in anything you can think of in life. Now is the time where you go to school, choose your career and get your life set up how you want it to. This [...]

6 Ways to Make Self Care More Intentional

Schedule Self Care If you have trouble setting aside time for yourself, schedule it. Physically write it into your calendar and make sure you follow through. It’s easy to put yourself last when there are a million other things that need doing. However, when you’re running on fumes, you’re not [...]

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