Essential oils have been around for a long time giving us a natural way to benefit our health and well-being.  Dating back to the Egyptians, they used plants and their oils for aromatherapy as well as cosmetics and general health.  Essential oils are the life-force of the plant.  The oil to the plant is similar to the blood circulating in our bodies keeping us pumping and going.  There are lots of companies out there, so you want to do your research and find a good product that is sourced properly.  Here are some different oils and how they can benefit your well-being.



Probably one of the most popular essential oils.  Known for its relaxing qualities, a slight whiff of this will calm the mind and body.  You could use this before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep.  It would also be great to carry with you and utilize in times of stress and chaos.  Lavender is great for battling anxiety and depression.  This is one powerful essential oil with many great benefits.



This spicy scent is a great all-over essential oil.  It’s known for its immunity boosting capabilities.  Its mood lifting, helps with aches and pains, and also supports respiratory system functions.  If you are dealing with a nasty cough, this could help alleviate some discomfort.  This essential oil would be great to keep on hand and ready to go during the colder months when colds and flus run amok.  Stay on top of your health with this powerhouse oil.

Essential Oil


Have a yucky headache, sinus pressure or migraine?  Peppermint essential oil could be your missing remedy.  Sometimes even taking in some deep breaths of peppermint essential oil will give relief.  Apply to the temples, forehead or back of neck to help headache pains.

Bergamot, Lemon and Citrus

Need a little pick me up and refresh during your busy day?  Give yourself a boost with some bergamot or citrus essential oils.  These are known for their refreshing advantages – hitting pause on the day and starting back up with more energy and focus.  During the cooler months this could help kick the winter blues and keep your energy levels up.  Give yourself the empowerment you need to take on any task or challenge with this powerful oil.



Need some balance in your life?  Look no further than this essential oil.  Geranium helps balance your mind and helps sift through emotions we carry around with us all day.  It aids in unwinding after a hectic day, leaving the stress behind.  If that wasn’t enough of a reason, it also can fight infections, help heal wounds and tighten skin to tone and smooth.  This one has a lot of great benefits and smells amazing at the same time.  What’s not to love?


These are only some of the most popular essential oils out there, with some research you will find there is an oil for everything.  Next time you are looking for a way to benefit your overall health and well-being, try reaching for these and see what magic works for you.