We have no problem taking on a new workout regime or a fad diet that everyone swears by.  Part of taking care of your health, mind and body includes your mental health.  Now more than ever it’s important to make your mental well-being a priority and it’s time for this area of personal growth and improvement to be socially accepted and celebrated.  Having someone in your life that is a neutral, fresh perspective could be the missing piece to be the best person you can be for yourself and everyone around you.  Here are some ways to find a good therapist that could literally change your life.


Word of Mouth

The first important part of mental wellness is not being ashamed of seeking help or guidance with whatever you struggle with.  We are all human and we each carry our own worries, doubts and fears.  Once we see we have a commonality, it’s easier to feel supported and ask questions.  Talk with your friends or family members and ask if they have ever talked to a therapist and if they could recommend someone.  If you feel uncomfortable asking around, search for local therapists and see reviews online.  Even getting a recommendation from your primary care doctor is a great place to start.


Areas of Specialty

It’s important to do some self-reflection and see what you want to work on within yourself.  Is it communication in your marriage, a short fuse that sends you toward anger, or a specific disease like anxiety or OCD?  Decide what your mental wellness goals are and find someone who specializes in those areas.  Seek out someone who has a passion for specialty in that area, and their enthusiasm to help you will come through as they work with you.

Woman talking to a therapist

Research and Research Again

There are so many resources to do research online before even talking with someone.  Check out their website, see what their personal mission statement is.  You can get an idea really quickly if someone is passionate about what they do and how they came into their line of work.  Someone that works hard for their clients is someone you want in your corner.  You need to feel like they have your best interest at heart and will empathize with whatever you bring to the table.


Trial and Error

Finding a therapist that you connect with and feel comfortable talking to is a very personal experience and opinion.  What works for one person might not be the best fit for you.  Be okay trying out one therapist and then if you don’t get the right vibe or feeling, try another.  It’s okay to keep searching until you find that perfect match.  A lot of professionals will agree to have a consultation or discussion before setting up an official first appointment, so ask if that’s an option to see if the two of you gel together.  You need to feel safe and unjudged, so keep searching until you find what clicks. Don’t feel discouraged if the first one doesn’t work out.


Having a therapist fighting for your mental health is an important piece to the puzzle that is called life.  Try it out and see if you benefit from talking to someone else that isn’t your significant other or mother about your woes.