We know you need eight glasses of water a day – you can almost hear your mother saying it in the back of your mind.  It can be hard to commit to that level of clear fluid intake on a daily basis.  Luckily there are a few fun ways to incorporate more clean refreshing water into your life without it being a huge undertaking.  Think of using some of these to reach your goals every day.

Woman drinking water

Carbonated Water

If you are someone who loves soda and carbonated beverages, try integrating seltzer water or bubbly water into your daily routine.  There are so many yummy flavors and brands, there’s bound to be something out there you’ll love.  Everything from Grapefruit, Limoncello, Cucumber Mint and all flavors in between, there is literally something for everyone.  Try swapping one of your sodas for one of these little cans of happy and see if you can make a new habit.


Infused Water

Take your favorite fruit and infuse your own water with a taste you love.  You can buy a water pitcher or personal water bottles that help infuse your drink, but also just cutting up a few pieces of fruit and sticking them in your glass works just the same.  Think about how refreshing spa water is – that’s the magic of cucumber infused water.  Create new combinations and the possibilities are endless for deliciously flavored beverages.


Runner drinking water

Drinkware and Water Bottles

Get yourself motivated to drink more water by finding fun glassware or a water bottle that makes you excited.  Use them only for drinking water and nothing else.  You’ll be inclined to reach for these fun vessels and toast to your health.  Decorate a fun water bottle with stickers or decals that make you smile.  It will be a two for one benefit of clean water and brightening your day at the same time.


Go Slow

Learning how to drink more water on a regular basis isn’t something that you should just dive into.  Many people can keep this new habit up for a week or so, but then get burned out.  Especially if you are someone that isn’t accustomed to drinking a lot of water, take your time easing into a schedule.  Make a goal to drink four glasses of water a day at first, then gradually move up over a couple weeks.  You want to be able to sustain your newfound health habit, so go slow and stay consistent.


Drinking more water is packed with health benefits, from clearer skin to better sleep, there’s a reason why we are meant to keep the cup flowing.  It’s easier than you think to keep this simple habit a part of your day to day life if you keep it lively and try a few new ways to make it interesting.  Happy drinking!