Take a deep breath. Self-care looks different for every single individual. And the only rule to self-care, is to actually engage. There are a few components to consider when discussing this subject – time, mood, and accessibility. Here’s a break down below:

  • Time: When you have the opportunity to do self-care, how much time do you have and how can you maximize it?
  • Mood: A hobby may spark your interest like sewing, painting, etc., but what is your motivation to do them when you have the window of opportunity? Although you may have wanted to do these activities, your mood is telling you that you need to just binge-watch TV and eat some Doritos.
  • Accessibility: Do you have self-care activities at home? Or in your window of time, would you need to use up some of it going to buy your craft or activity? This limits your capacity to engage.


That’s the next piece of self-care. Our lives are busy! We are constantly doing multiple things simultaneously that we forget to even take deep breaths. And the only way to really ensure that you are doing self-care correctly is by engaging wholly. That means mentally and physically. Whatever it is you are doing, try to not multi-task. This helps your brain relax, recuperate, and refresh. We all have heard about being present with the intention of absorbing what one hears, sees, feels, but how many of us actually do that? That is why self-care is so important. It lets your mind just be, which is exactly what it deserves. It is what YOU deserve. If you have no idea how to go about self-care, start below.

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Think About Your Childhood Hobbies

What did you like to do as a child? Play with Legos? Go skateboarding? Go to the movies? As an adult, what would make you feel more whimsical and youthful? Find those activities that brought you joy when you were young. Or take up a new one! Perhaps learn a new instrument or how to crochet. It is never too late to learn, and you are never too old for hobbies. After all, adults are just big kids, right?


Pick Two or Three Activities

Once you have isolated these hobbies or activities, pick two or three to have around your home. This ties back to the accessibility piece. Ideally, these hobbies will vary to fit different moods of yours and perhaps even require different amounts of time commitments. It is always great to have a few options “on deck” when you randomly find yourself with free time.

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Schedule Time as You See Fit

Self-care does not need to be scheduled, however, sometimes you should. If you are feeling overwhelmed, that means you need a break. Best thing is to listen to you and know that it is okay to say, “No, I’m unavailable.” Even if your schedule shows otherwise. Before you can take on the world, you need to take care of you.