Getting in some quality bath time is a relaxing activity for many.  It can give us much needed alone time to unwind and recharge our batteries.  Creating the perfect soothing atmosphere is essential to getting the most out of your bath time.  Make sure you are using all the elements to create a truly relaxing and lush experience.


Set the Mood

Find soothing and relaxing lighting for your bath – light some candles or run an oil diffuser with lighting to set the mood.  You want to quiet your mind as much as possible and lighting will help with that.  Using the candles or diffuser will also get some good smells going, which are perfect for unwinding and letting go.  Sample different smells to decide what you are most attracted to and what makes you smile.  When it comes to the temperature of the bath water, personal preference is important.  You don’t want to run the water too hot, or you’ll feel like a lobster sitting in a pot, but too cold and you’ll be jumping out of the tub in no time.  Invest in a thermometer and find out what the perfect temperature is for you.

Get a Bath Time Playlist

Find what music calms you – whether it’s some string classical, jazz vibes, or anything in between.  Finding the right music will only enhance your bath time and assist towards a nice experience.  You can easily play music on your phone or even have a sound machine orchestrate your bubbly time.  Imagine listening to falling rain as you soak away your stress.


Bath Bomb, Salts or Bubbles?

When it comes to what goes in the water, the possibilities are endless.  There are so many bath products out there, it really comes down to preference.  Bath Bombs fizz away while sending bursts of fragrance and skin smoothing lotions and butters making you feel oh so soft and leave you smelling fantastic.  Epsom Salts will help with muscle soreness and inflammation, but might leave you feeling a little, well, salty and grainy.  Bubbles are a classic in bath time fun, make sure you are adding them to the running water as you fill your tub, that will give you the most bubble for your buck.  Bath products also come in a variety of smells, find what you respond to and don’t be afraid to try something new.  Sometimes experimenting is half the fun.


What to Do While You are Soaking

Baths can last anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, the choice is up to you.  What you do in the tub is also a wide range of activities.  Some people just want to sit and close their eyes for a little while, some people read books upon books while soaking their skin.  You can play games on your phone or catch up with texts you’ve been meaning to respond to.  If you are going to use your phone when in the tub, make sure it is waterproof, or stick it in a Ziplock bag to keep it safe.  Also be sure to turn down the brightness or use night mode so the bright screen isn’t interfering with your relaxation.


Bath time could be an important ritual you are missing in your road to a more stress-free life.  Try to incorporate some of these ideas for setting the mood for the perfect getaway, right in your own home.