Makeup is a great way to express your creativity and artistry.  You can manipulate your eyes, lips or face structure.  With the right tools, you can maximize or minimize any features you want.  But what about your day to day makeup routine?  Natural fresh-looking skin is always in style.  Stick with the basics and hammer out your daily makeup look that enhances your already natural beautiful features.  It makes getting ready easy and you’ll always look your best, even when you don’t have all the time in the world.


Build Your Foundation

Like anything, you need a good base, a solid foundation to build upon.  There are so many types of makeup foundations out there, it just becomes a matter of personal preference.  You could use a BB cream that’s easy to apply and swirl some powder over it and be good to go.  Some people like a little more coverage with a matte foundation, or some even like a good trusty concealer to cover your impurities and then blend all over the face.  Find something that gives you the coverage you want and always give yourself that solid base.


Blush or Bronzer

Now you want to give your face a little lift and pick me up.  Give yourself a nice flush of color with a perky blush or bronzer for a more sun kissed look.  With your natural makeup routine, these give your face some life.  Especially since you won’t be playing up your eyes a lot, this is where the spark is coming from.  A good blush or bronzer is an easy way to enhance your smiling face.



A great mascara is your best friend.  Especially on those mornings when you didn’t get all the beauty sleep you wanted the night before.  Always apply mascara to give your eyes definition and not recede back into your face.  If you don’t want to go for the full black eyelashes, there are lots of colors of mascara, ranging from shades of brown to clear.  Even a swipe of clear mascara will work wonders.  This tool is essential in your natural routine.



Finally, you want to complete your natural look with a fun lip color.  This is also a personal preference.  You might want a bright cherry red lip gloss for a pop of color, or you might just want a tinted lip balm.  Find what works best for you and be sure to carry your lip pal with you to reapply during the day.  Winky Lux is a great company that has pH unique lip products – the product responds to your personal pH level, so it’s a customized perfect shade that compliments everyone with science!  Their pH-matching products are great for a natural look.


Finding your personal natural makeup routine can be really fun.  Try out new things to see what works best for you and rotate until you hit that magical combination.  Once you get your favorite basics, you’ll be saving time and staying true to your natural beauty.