Everyone knows the hardest part about working out is actually getting it started.  Motivation can be difficult, especially when you just aren’t feeling it.  Keep true to your workout and fitness goals by setting yourself up for success before you even hit play on your workout playlist.  Try a couple of these tactics to keep the party going, even when it feels more like work than fun.

Woman working out

Having a Plan

Carve out time to work out.  Don’t just leave it up to when you feel like it.  It’s easier to stick to a plan or schedule than when the mood strikes.  Chances are, the mood will rarely strike.  Some people find it easier to work out at the same time every day – or right when they get home from work or school.  If you are a morning person, get up, get it done and move on with your day.  The important part is to create a plan and stick to it.


Anticipate Distractions

When getting your workout gear on, anticipate things that might cause distractions when you are working out.  Jewelry that moves around too much, hair that keeps falling in your face, or clothes that tug and pull.  These are all things that will become distracting when you are deep in a sweat.  When you have something annoying that is disrupting you, it’s that much harder to stay motivated.  If you work out at home, keep the pets and kids away if you can – try to create a space for just yourself.  This time is important for you to work on yourself and that includes having a good headspace.  Think about these things before you start, so you’ll be able to keep your focus on what’s important during your session.


Get in the Zone

It’s great when you feel ready and pumped to work out.  That feeling will carry you through and give you the boost of energy to make your workout an impactful one.  But it’s okay if you don’t feel this way all the time.  Sometimes you just won’t be in the right headspace at the beginning.  That’s okay, it’s more important to show up and know and trust that feeling will develop as you move and groove.  Think about how good you feel after you finish a workout.  Use that as your motivation when times get tough and you aren’t feeling it.  Think about investing in yourself, get the work done, and this too shall pass.


Woman working out

Hydration is Key

Make sure you are staying hydrated and keep lots of water around while you work out.  Sometimes getting a cool drink of water in the middle of a hard set will give you that little boost to finish strong.  It gives you a nice little cool off and reset to keep going.  Your body needs to replenish the water it loses when you sweat, so stay proactive with your water intake.


Working out can be a much more pleasurable experience if you set yourself up for success from the beginning.  Give a few of these a try during your next sweat sesh.