Are you a yogi? If not, let’s introduce you to all the benefits you may be missing out on. We are going to be diving into what it really means to put your body first and why yoga is a great way of doing so.

Yoga is not just another form of exercise. Those who frequent yoga classes find that they reap benefits in almost every aspect of their life. Making a consistent practice of the activity gives you a better grasp on how to consciously take care of your mental and physical simultaneously. Are you ready to commit to living a healthier life?

Upon waking there are a bevy of activities people participate in to start their day. Usually it consists of checking social media, watching television, or simply just laying there trying to fully open your eyes. What do all of these activities have in common? These are all stress free day starters, but they are also non-productive. Yoga can easily replace these activities and provide you with a stress free and productive morning. Taking the morning to focus on your breathing and be in tune with your body is important. Compare morning yoga to your car getting a tune up. Without that tune up, your car won’t run as smoothly. The moment the mechanic gets under the hood and assesses the problem you can go on with your day within 15-20 minutes. This is the same with being a morning yogi. A 20 minute yoga session will give you all the energy you need and then some!

As we have focused a bit on the mental, it’s time to get into the benefits of the physical. As we get older, our bones grow stiffer and it is harder to complete some of the daily tasks that were once second nature. Your body craves those elongating movements that are common in the practice of yoga. Instead of that quick yawn and stretch that you do in the morning, swap it out for a quick session. Imagine taking that 5 second stretch and turning it into your morning’s focus. Unlock those muscles and joints and give your body the necessary time it needs to properly maintain its flexibility.

Did you know that your emotional health can be affected by yoga as well? Simply moving releases a chemical in the body that makes us feel more joyous. While you are constantly moving in yoga, when holding a stretch you have time to check in with yourself. Ask yourself these questions. How are you feeling today? What can I do to make today more intentional and positive? You can create a better life for yourself by simply putting you first. If you start your day with self care activities it will make you more conscious of the activities that are not bringing you peace. Morning yoga is simply a life changer because it allows you to take into account all of these practices and introduce them into your daily life.