Summer is a season that comes with a lot of extra time. Use some of that time productively to sweat and get in better shape. And the best way to do that is with your family. This can be the family you are born into or the family that you create. Either way, it will help to make it more enjoyable and beneficial to all. Here are some fun ideas of how you can accomplish it.


The best way to work up a sweat is by doing something fun, like playing a game. Invite all those to the park for a kickball game or even something as simple as tag. If you are taking a bunch of young children with you, it is a great time to teach them. Learning the rules of a new game is a great way to spend time. Teach them your favorite game and spend a few hours mastering it and having a great time. The sweat will come and not even be noticed with all the fun you will be having.


Summer brings out all sorts of creatures and plants. Take the time to enjoy them while you have the chance. Do a little research and find the best places in your area. There are lots of places to explore right around the corner. Get a group together so that you have company and start exploring. Taking children out on the trail can be tricky. They tend to lose interest pretty quickly. Try hiking games to keep their attention longer. Jaime Neefs came up with seven great fun to play with kids during a long hike or a short nature walk. You can find it on the Active For Life site.


Workouts are not always the most fun way to spend your time. Suppose you have a group, though. It can make it less tedious. Find a group class to get your family and friends to go to. A more creative idea would be to make your own group class. Come up with exercises yourself or follow along with a YouTube video. Children may enjoy coming up with their own ideas for a workout class. Time well spent planning and then sweating it out together as a family. A boring workout can be turned into a fun bonding moment in an instant.


Spa days can bring about a different way to sweat together. A more relaxing way to sweat together. Plan a trip to the spa with a group of family. Or invest in a personal sauna. This way, you can sweat together whenever you have a free moment. There are beautiful saunas to be purchased. If you want to keep to a budget, try a camping sauna. While they will not be as durable, as long as they are taken care of, they can do the same job. Create your spa in your very own backyard.

A family who sweats together has fun together.