Working out is something we all dabble with here and there. Some find a love for it, and others know they need it to stay healthy. Whichever side you are on, you have to make a choice to be a gym goer or a workout-at-home person. Even those that love the gym will feel a need to have some equipment at home for those days getting to the gym isn’t possible. What do you actually need in a home gym? There is no need to go over the top and buy professional equipment. Instead, start with the essentials and move up from there. See what you use and what you feel you are missing before you go out and buy everything on the market.


The first basic is that you need something to work out on. Your lovely tile or wood floors may not be the best thing to work out on. They could easily get damaged depending on how you like to work out. Some form of mats is the best way to protect them. There are many options to go with. Flooring tiles are an easy way to cover a complete space. They are a more permanent option. Not something that you would want to put down every time you want to pump some iron. If you want something easy to set out and clean up, try a tri-fold fitness mat. Those wanting a little bigger can buy two, and they can Velcro together. When you are finished, you can easily pull them up and place them in a closet until your next workout.

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With a good set of weights, you can modify and complete just about every exercise that you do at the gym. It may not be exactly the same, but you can get the job done at home. Looking at the bulk of a set of weights can be overwhelming. They can take up so much space and make it seem like a bad idea to start a home gym. Bowflex makes adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells. All you need is space for one or two, and you are ready to go. They can be easily stashed away on a closet or cabinet floor. This is another way to keep your home gym as portable as possible if you do not want to create space just for a home gym.



Once you have all the equipment, you need to have an idea of what you want to do. There are so many programs out there to choose from. Find the type of exercise you will stick two and invest in a program. Or do your own research and create your own. Social media is full of those wanting to share their workout routines. Start there and find what helps you feel your best. It could end up that you need to mix it up.


Find your equipment and get your home gym ready for a healthier you.