Who doesn’t love a spa day? The evolution of spas today might bring the misconception that in order to have the proper experience you have to have all of the gadgets and gizmos. Let’s bump this misconception. Having a home spa is more than just a cool flex! A home spa can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing because of the regular treatment of your body and mind. Planning a spa day and driving out to your local spa can set you back about $100, but this should allow you to consider creating a spa at home.

Not only will this provide an improvement to your self care routine, but it can also be a money saver for those of us who like to be pampered. Here we will throw out some tips and tricks to make the home spa of your dreams that will save you money in the end as well!


Mask the Day Away

Skin care additions in a spa day are really simple! Face masks penetrate the first layer of skin and leave the residue of all of their vitamins and nutrients on your skin. In turn, this leaves your face moisturized or exfoliated (depending on the mask of your choice). Finding the mask just for you can be a feat, but addressing your major concerns is key.

Face masks are essential to the set up of a proper home spa! Depending on what you like in your skincare, face masks can range anywhere from $15 to $45. These usually come with around 20 individual masks in a pack leaving you with almost a whole month worth of relaxation. Not only do they benefit you with different health properties, but they also provide a trendy clean aesthetic. From anti-aging to diminishing breakouts, masks can have a host of skin improvements that they provide.

Girls doing facials


Now that you are this deep in your journey, don’t forget to set the stage! The ambience of the spa is what also leaves you feeling a sense of serenity. Not only do the products matter, but the look and feel of the spa is just as important or maybe even more. Getting a good speaker is a smart investment for your home spa because it will get regular use and allow you to be transported within the confines of your own home. Need next steps? Enter your Amazon app on your phone or mobile device and search “spa speaker”. That’s it! Oh yeah, don’t forget to get started on your playlist of soothing sounds to play on that new speaker.

Okay, so you got your tunes, let’s worry about the other sensory detail that is missing. Here’s where the reference to Omarion’s song Touch goes that you didn’t know you needed (ba dum tish). Here’s the rundown of what you will need: plush towels, a quality robe, and comfortable slippers. The feeling of comfort in these lush products will put you in a different atmosphere completely. Try to get separate products than the ones you use regularly so you do have a true spa feel. Good quality towels to consider are Turkish Cotton Towels or look up what towels they use at your favorite hotel. This is a great tip when you want to bring a more lavish feel to your home.

Let’s Compare

Going to the spa a couple of times a month and each visit ranging from $80-$100 or higher depending on location and service is not comparable to a home spa. With your home spa you may pay just over $100 once and upkeep is not a concern since the products can just be washed.