Have some extra time on your hands with basic items lying around the house? Don’t splurge thousands on items that can be hundreds or even free! DIY home decor could be the answer to all of your problems. Chic decor is not just store bought anymore. Many unique pieces that you see glancing around the store could be made at home. Your personal style should shine through in every room. Easily upgrade your home with a glue gun and some patience!

1. Tufted Ottoman

For this DIY, you will need a tire, fabric of your choice, and a staple gun. These three simple items will produce a gorgeous addition to your living room. Your first step will be to cut the cardboard into the shape of the tire. After this, you should be left with two cardboard cutouts that will be placed on either side of the tire to cover the hole. Once you have the cardboard in place it’s time to staple (or hot glue) it to the tire. Now it’s time to wrap your fabric around your creation. You should be seeing the vision now! The last step will be to poof the fabric and staple in the design that you prefer. How easy was that!

2. Decorative Vase

This DIY is incredibly simple and FREE or under twenty bucks! Your craft list should contain an oatmeal container, spray paint, wooden skewers, and a hot glue gun. Start off by cutting the empty oatmeal container down the middle. After this step, you can cut out the bottom of the container as well. Spray paint the cardboard piece and leave it to dry. Fast forward about 20 minutes… Heat up your hot glue gun because it’s time to glue on the skewers! When gluing the skewers remember to stagger them so that some pieces are raised. It should create somewhat of a wave pattern. Now, you’re done!
**Suggestion: Place a circular piece of styrofoam slightly smaller than the opening of your new vase inside of the form. You should be able to stick the faux flowers of your choosing inside of the styrofoam for a stylish flower arrangement year round.

3. DIY Headboard

This may be one of the easiest and least time consuming DIYs! You will need three cardboard poster boards, fabric, a foam sheet, hot glue and lastly an x-acto knife. Set the poster boards up in a straight line with the largest panels in the middle and cut excess off according to the size of your bed. The excess pieces should be super glued to the gaps between the panels. Place the foam sheet on top of your board and wrap the entire board (front and back) with your choice of fabric. Hot glue the fabric in place and you have yourself a DIY headboard!

Hopefully you found one of these DIYs useful and make a few upgrades for less for your home!