Most us could all benefit from a little more exercise, but we live in a busy world that doesn’t always allow us to prioritize moving our bodies. It’s not uncommon for adults to sit for most of the day at the work and this is usually followed by sitting at the dinner table and then watching television. That’s a lot of sitting! While going to the gym or attending a workout class may not be appealing or feasible right now, you’re still in luck. Some of the most effective exercises don’t require any equipment or fancy workout area. You are the equipment! Heavyweight exercises are effective for someone who is just a beginner and even someone who has been working out for a while. It can be easy to underestimate just how difficult a body-weight exercise can be, so if you’re looking to fit some exercise into your day, we have some body-weight exercises that will point you in the right direction.

Push Up


The push-up is an exercise is polarizing when it comes to difficulty for people. Some find it fairly easy to crank out 20 reps, while others may be challenged to complete just one. Either way is ok! Push-ups are a great way to work your upper body and the muscles that can help counter the hunched shoulders we often have when using our phones and the computer.



The sit-up is a very practical exercise that helps work your core muscles. While we may be able to sit-up from our beds fairly easily, performing a sit-up can be a little trickier. It can help to have a partner to keep your feet grounded if you’re a beginner. This exercise is great to make sure you’re able to lift your body from laying to sitting!



Another great bodyweight exercise is the squat. Frequent gym goers may feel that additional weight is needed, but if you’re just getting started with squatting, your bodyweight is plenty to help you work your muscles. This exercise is also helpful for encouraging mobility in important joints in your leg muscles.



The lunge is also a useful lower body exercise that can help you maintain mobility and build important muscles in your legs. There are also many variations of lunges, so you can mix it up and not get bored!



Planks are an awesome exercise that allows you to see your progress over time. The first time you plank, keep track of how long you’re able to hold the plank without compromising your form. Remember to breathe! Over time and with practice, you’ll be able to see your improvement! In fact, your progress in many body-weight exercises is trackable!

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

While jumping jacks may seem like a trivial P.E. activity, they are still effective for adults. You may even be surprised by how tired you are after a few minutes of jumping. This exercise is great for getting the heart pumping and moving your body!


When performing these exercises, remember that correct form is the most important. There are many resources online ranging from articles to videos that can help you learn the right way to do the exercise. Give these body-weight exercises a try!