Okay, so it’s not the beginning of a new year anymore – how are those workout resolutions going?  The simple fact is, you should always be motivating yourself to be healthy and get your exercise in whenever possible.  Not only good for your body and mind, but also for feeling great and having energy.  Switch up your motivation game with a couple of these ideas to try a different approach to the workout game.

Woman working out

Experiment You

We as humans always want to be the best versions of ourselves.  We can’t take care of anyone else if we don’t take care of ourselves first.  This includes giving our body the time and attention it needs to perform at the top.  Think about working out as an experiment on yourself to see what upgrades you can make.  Take physical or mental notes how you feel after working out.  When you need a little motivation to get your workout going, tap into those feelings.


An Excuse to Shop

Like we really needed an excuse to go shopping.  Find some fun workout clothes that get you excited for sweating.  If you are feeling drab in your workout gear, adding something new might give you that extra push to keep going.  You could also reward yourself for working out by adding something new to your workout wardrobe.  Just like keeping your workouts fresh and new, the same goes for your clothes.


Try the New Craze

Test out the newest workout craze, you’ll never know what you’ll find, and it might turn out to be your favorite way to move.  You could try to incorporate a new style of working out once a week or a couple times a month to switch it up.  Think of it as trying it out and giving it your review.  Then when people ask if you’ve tried it, you’ll have a whole experience to share with them.


Keep Moving, Keep Trying

Variety is the spice of life and the same goes for working out.  You want to make sure you are switching up your workouts to not only keep you interested, but keep your body interested.  Your body constantly needs new challenges to keep changing and growing.  If you stick with the same workout over and over again, your body will become accustomed to it and it stops being challenging.  Whether it’s finding new levels of intensity or having a whole arsenal of workout techniques and classes you love, keep it changing and keep it moving.

Woman with cat on her back

Do it for the Feeling

Remember that feeling we were talking about earlier?  That’s the real motivation for working out.  Scientifically, working out makes us feel good.  Try working out with the hopes of getting that feeling, not for the endgame of a ‘perfect’ body or ideal shape.  Those don’t exist anyway, so why try chasing after something that doesn’t exist?


Working out doesn’t have to be another thing on your chore list.  Change your way of thinking about what motivates you to get moving and hold on to it.