While millions of people drink coffee as their go-to, pick me up beverage, there is another hot (or cold) beverage that will give you better health benefits and your soothing sipping sensation at the same time.  Tea is a beverage that is on the rise in popularity, and with these advantages, there’s a good reason why.  Even if you still need your morning java, consider adding some tea into your life.  You will soon find there is a tea for everything and anything out there, so get sipping!


Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is known for its immunity boosting power.  Especially during flu season, or when you know you’ll be traveling, sip a few cups of this to give you the boost your body is looking for. It also contains all-natural caffeine to give you more energy and focus without the jitters or crash.  Aside from all these great benefits, Matcha tea has the highest rating of antioxidants of all major superfoods.


Lemon Balm Tea

Having a little bit more anxiety, tension and insomnia these days?  Try incorporating lemon balm tea into your life.  Naturally calm the nervous system and help support digestion all in one cup.  Anyone with stress in their lives knows the toll it can take on your tummy, so help relieve both at the same time by giving this tea a try.


Ginger Tea

With benefits dating back thousands of years, ginger tea is a great all-around boost for your bod.  Not only does it help with nausea and stomach upset, but it can reduce pains during your menstrual cycle. Give this tea a try next time you are reaching for the heat pack and Midol.


Chamomile Tea

Known for its calming abilities; chamomile is great for sipping before bedtime.  It contains glycine which relaxes the mind and body.  If you find yourself having a hard time winding down after a long day, consider adding this into your routine to help you sleep, recharge and face another day.  Added benefits also include skin and hair health due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Simply sip to sleep well and have better skin, easy peasy.


Oolong Tea

Oolong burns twice the number of calories as green tea, so if you are looking for a delicious beverage to ramp up your metabolism, look no further.  Like green tea, it also helps lower cholesterol and promotes healthy teeth and bones.  The Chinese have used oolong for hundreds of years for health and anti-aging.  Add some lemon or cinnamon to your oolong for an added boost of antioxidants and immunity benefits.


Tea has been around for thousands of years, dating back even as far as 3rd century AD.  With benefits like these, it’s no wonder people have been sipping cup after cup to aid them in their everyday life.  There is a flavor and taste of tea for everyone out there, so get experimenting and see what brings you the most joy and comfort.