It can be hard to stay motivated, and even harder to feel accomplished at the end of every day all the time.  The pressure is too great to feel like you are making the most of everyday.  Take some of the stress off by practicing these small habits that will leave you feeling energized, accomplished, and ready for the next day.  With little changes like these, you can’t go wrong and have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain.


Stay Hydrated and Happy

Taking in your allotment of water can be taxing, but if you turn it into habit, it leaves you feeling refreshed and fulfilled.  If you ever notice you are feeling snackish, it’s usually your body telling you it needs water.  Try watering yourself throughout the day.  Start with one glass right when you wake up and you’re already on to your goal.  Sneak a few in at work and you keep your trend going.  Don’t think about tracking how much you’ve drank, just work it into your day without pressure and you’ll surprise yourself in no time.  Hello hydration and hello accomplishment.

accomplishment hydrated

Get Working – Out

There’s no denying working out and moving makes everyone feel better.  The hardest part of working out is getting started.  Once you are in it, it’s much easier to see the benefits and keep going.  Try working out first thing in the morning – even before work or school to knock it off your list and feel accomplished right away.  The rest of the day will have extra energy you didn’t even know you had.  Once you kick something off your list, you have even more motivation to keep the trend going and going.


Treat People with Kindness

As you move throughout your day, you will encounter many types of people.  From coworkers to friends to challenging people, the world runs the gambit in emotions and feelings.  Try to approach people with kindness – not just being cordial and appropriate, but really try to understand that everyone is trying their best in this life and seeing eye to eye isn’t necessary.  Instead of snapping to a judgement or criticism, try seeing the other side, or at least tolerate it.  You’ll carry around less stress and annoyance which leaves room for other better emptions in your life.

be kind

Have a Good Outlook

It doesn’t say have a positive outlook, because that is placing unnecessary pressure on yourself to always be positive, which is completely unattainable.  This approach is to ebb and flow with your day.  It’s okay to have emotions and problems, the day doesn’t need to be black or white.  Carry the attitude that you can handle anything that comes you way and it’s okay to feel your feelings, just don’t let them get in your way of having a good day in the end.  By allowing yourself to feel to lows, you’ll be able to experience the highs that much more.


Taking on a few easy healthy habits will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on future days without burnout and stress.