Looking the part and feeling the part is half the battle of getting to the gym. Without getting to the gym, nothing is ever going to change. While we do not need anything fancy to get a good sweat, having the right gear can make it more enjoyable. Once you find joy in it, it will be less of a struggle to get there. It could become one of your favorite places to be, which will be one of the best things you can do for your health.


Calorie Counter

Counting calories does not refer to what you are putting into your body. Counting food calories is something that no one enjoys doing. However, calculating the calories that you are burning will always leave you in a good mood. Never workout without a calorie counter on you. There are many options in and a large price range. You are bound to find the perfect device for you. After you get used to it, you will never take it off. Burning calories all day long will drive you to be more active even when not in the gym.


Smart Rope

As children, the jump rope was something we all looked forward to doing when we got to recess. Now it is something avoided at the gym. Counting jumps or timing is not as enjoyable as the fun songs we used to sing while jumping. So let the Tangran Smartrope keep count for you while you rock out to your favorite music. Once your time is up or you can’t go anymore, the rope will tell you your stats. It can even be programmed with goals and let you rate yourself with other Tangran Smartrope users.


Vibrating Fitness Roller

When getting ready for the gym, a fast way to hurt yourself is by forgetting to warm and cool down. Stretching not only feels great, but it can also help get you closer to your goals by limiting your soreness along with injuries. The Vyper Vibrating Roller is a great option to loosen up. It combines the typical roller and a massage gun. Get the benefits of both all in one. This gear will have you wanting to work out even on your rest day. Knowing you will get to have a nice little massage before and after will help motivate your exercise journey.



Some gear to help us reach our fitness goals can be in the kitchen. While it is not enjoyable to count the calories, we need it to get our desired results. HAPIfork takes a different approach. One mistake we can make while eating is eating too quickly. Eating fast can result in you eating more than you should. Eating slowly lets your body tell you when it is full before you overeat. The HAPIfork will vibrate, letting you know when you are eating too fast. Tracking your food just got more fun.


Get the right gear to keep you motivated.