chicken soup


It is time to bust out the pots and get some soups brewing. With the change in the weather, it is time to start finding your favorite fall weather recipes and maybe even add some new ones. It is the season of soup, and there are endless options that are loved by many. Start tasting some of these fantastic options.


Vegetable Soup

Soup can be just as healthy as you want to make them. Vegetable soup is a great one to start with. It is easily modified to each person’s tastes. Start will a broth of your choice and then begin adding the vegetables of your choice. The more vegetables, the better it will. In case you don’t know where to start, try this Vegetable Soup recipe. As you make this soup again and again, you can make it different each time. This recipe will never get old.


Italian Meatball Soup

Meatball soup is about to make its way to the top of your list. This recipe is another way to show off your skills in cooking some delicious Italian food. Take those meatballs and turn them into a soup. There are a few extra steps. It is not as simple as just putting everything in a pot and letting it simmer. The Modern Proper has step-by-step instructions and advice on the best ways to make the Italian Meatball Soup.


Broccoli and Cashew Cream Soup

It may not sound like the soup you or your family will be running to the table for, but after they try it, they will be. This soup and can be made in a large batch and then used for multiple meals. It can be eaten all on its own. Add some of your favorite cheese and croutons, and enjoy. Make your favorite pasta and use it as a topper, even on your children’s macaroni and cheese. Another option is adding it to the broth of your other soup recipes. It can thicken anything it is added to. Bon Appetit has the formula to get you started.


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Everything is better when you add a little chicken to it. Tortilla soup is not different. Add some chicken and take it to the next level. This is an excellent option for the slow cooker. Get all the ingredients and let it simmer all day in the slow cooker. All recipes have the ingredients list you need. By dinner time, your whole house will smell that the delicious meal you are about to eat. The most leisurely meal is the best meal with all the fall activities that crowd our schedule.


Tomato Soup

When looking at soups, you cannot overlook the traditional soup, tomato soup. While this can be an effortless soup, there are many alterations to it. The Food Network claims to have a recipe for the Best Tomato Soup Ever. With a name like that, we have to give it a try. A fall meal plan is not complete without some tomato soup.