Self-care encompasses so much. There are so many physical and mental areas that need your attention. When looking at which physical ones to start, look to your feet. Your feet do so much for you. Our lives would be much harder if our feet began to have issues. By taking the time to give them some care now, hopefully, they will not fail you in the future.



Like every part of our bodies, the first thing you want to do is keep them clean. Clean your feet daily. Use warm water and soap to scrub off the grime of the day. Don’t forget your feet and give them a good scrub in the shower. Another option is a foot bath. There are many in multiple price ranges on Amazon. You can give your feet the bath they deserve with one of these. And with some, they can even have a bit of a massage at the same time. The perfect thing after having been on your feet all day long. They deserve the pampering.



Your feet are a way away from our eyes, but we need to inspect them. Significant problems do not always occur suddenly. They usually start as minor issues that are left to fester. If you check your feet daily, you will spot anything that starts to become a problem. If you catch things early, you can stop them before it causes any real damage. It can be challenging to get close enough to see the bottom of your feet or between your toes. Try using a Foot Inspection Mirror to make it easier. Using this, you won’t be able to miss anything.


Another trouble area with your feet is the nails. You need to be able to keep these healthy as well. Cutting them before they get too long is one of the first things to check on. The next step is to make sure that the bed of the nail looks healthy. No infections or nails growing where they should not. These are not so easily figured out once they go on for too long. When not caught in time to be fixed with a little snip, you will have to visit the podiatrist to get it taken care of. Trim your nails often and keep looking for anything that shouldn’t be growing there.



Your body needs lotion, and so do your feet. If you have noticed dry skin or cracking, this is your feet begging to be hydrated. It may take some time to bring them back if you are experiencing cracking. Make a habit of moisturizing every night before you go to bed.



The fit of your shoe matters. When getting shoes, make sure that they fit correctly. Anywhere that they rub should become a sore that will cause you issues. Ensure that you do not hurt your feet by investing in shoes that fit snuggly and give the proper support.


Take care of your feet.