Your immune system works hard to keep you healthy; however, it needs some extra support. In order to work at optimal levels, your body may need some additional vitamins and supplements to cover any deficiencies. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to boosting your immune system, here are a few vitamins and supplements you can try.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is something we normally get from being outside. Sun exposure provides us with this essential vitamin and helps our bodies function at a higher level. Vitamin D actually works like a hormone in our bodies and you will see many adverse effects when you’re deficient. During the winter months, many aren’t venturing outside as much. Increased time indoors and gloomy weather prevent people from getting the vitamin D they need. Taking this in supplement form to help your immune system throughout the colder months is a great way to make sure your body is functioning the best it can.

Vitamin C

Fun fact about Vitamin C: humans cannot make it ourselves. We also can’t store it so it needs to be constantly replenished within our bodies. This magical vitamin is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and has the ability to strengthen our immune systems. However, we use it up rapidly when our bodies are fighting off sickness so it’s important to prioritize this vitamin when you’re sick. Experts recommends about 500 mg taken twice a day for maximum absorption into your body.


Zinc is another supplement you should have in your arsenal. An article written by Dr. Heather Moday for explains, “The World Health Organization reports that between 17% and 30% of the world population has a zinc deficiency, potentially affecting health outcomes. Zinc is a trace mineral with crucial effects on the effectiveness of the cells and cytokines of our innate and adaptive immune systems. Zinc aids in fighting viruses, protects us from free radical damage to our cells, and has been shown to shorten the duration of a cold when given as a supplement.”


Curcumin is the main ingredient found in turmeric root. This supplement is known to help inflammation in multiple areas of the body. It’s been shown in studies to help with pain relief for arthritic patients as well as block inflammatory cytokines that contribute to heart disease, autoimmune disorders and diabetes. Curcumin will also help improve your gut bacteria which is a huge help to your immune system. There’s a well-known saying that goes, “Health starts in the gut”. This means that the more balanced your gut is, the better your immune system will function. You’ll be able to resist and manage illness a lot easier. This supplement is difficult for our bodies to absorb. Experts recommend taking 1000 mg a day with food for best absorption.

Give your immune system an edge this cold/flu season by adding some of these vitamins and supplements into your daily routine.