Wellness and healthy living can be difficult to manage while juggling responsibilities and busy days. Sometimes we forgo our morning workout, forget to pack a nutritious lunch, or stay up too late at night. It can be a challenge to prioritize our own health when many things throughout our day seem to compete. Self-care may seem like the last task you would have time to include in your routine, but in some ways, it may be the easiest way to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. And, what better way to start incorporating self-care into your routine than with your face?

Face Masks

face mask

Everyone deserves a nice face mask now and then. Face masks come in many varieties and are a great way to show your face some TLC. If you love DIY projects, clay masks are worth a try and are incredibly effective at pulling dirt and bacteria from your pores. Plus, many of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen!

To create a clay mask, mix equal parts clay (bentonite or kaolin) with liquid (water, apple cider vinegar, or aloe gel) to create a thick paste. Metal can negate the beneficial properties, so be sure to use a wood or ceramic bowl when mixing. Feel free to add essential oils such as juniper berry or tea tree for some aromatherapy and bonus skin benefits. Charcoal is also great to add if you want some extra detoxification. When the clay mask is mixed and ready, spread an even layer on your face and leave on for about 15-20 minutes. You can multitask during this time and fold some laundry, or just fully embrace this self-care time to sit down and relax. We prefer the latter! After the clay has hardened, wet a small towel with warm water and start to wash away the clay. It takes a little bit of time to remove, but the benefits are worth it!

If you don’t have time to create your own mask, sheet masks are a great alternative. There seems to be a face mask for any skin concern, including brightening, moisturizing, anti-aging, and soothing. But, what’s even more exciting are the different key ingredients such as green tea, mug wort, cranberry, and snail mucin! Face masks are easy to apply and even easier to remove. Just toss one on for about 15 minutes, peel it off, and you’re done!

Eye Gels

eye gel

 No one likes having panda eyes, and unfortunately, it’s probably not just your eyes that are tired! Eye gels are a great way to give your eyes some extra attention. They’re incredibly convenient and some are virtually transparent. This means you can even apply some eye gels on a plane trip to take advantage of that uninterrupted time! Say goodbye to those dark circles and eye bags!

Herbal Facial Steam

steam facial

 A facial steam is perfect for when you just need to breathe. It may seem a bit odd, but have you ever opened up a warm dishwasher with clean dishes and felt that blast of steam? Facial steams are an upgraded experience of this that leaves you with healthy, hydrated, and glowy skin. Facial steaming is also incredibly relaxing and a great form of self-care. To create a facial steam, boil four cups of water and simmer herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or chamomile in the water for a few minutes. Transfer the herbal water to a large bowl and add essential oils of your choice. Next, drape a large towel over your head to create a tent that captures the steaming herbal water. Finally, hold your face about 6-8 inches over the water, relax, and steam for about 5-10 minutes. This may be the most relaxing form of self-care on this list, so give it