The Keto diet is all the rage these days. It’s a lifestyle that cuts your daily carbohydrate limit to almost nothing while encouraging a moderate intake of protein and high intake of fats. This type of diet helps your metabolism take energy from fatty foods instead of carbs. It can also lead to a number of health benefits. Whether you’re a Keto novice or and old pro, here are a few simple recipes you can add to your rotation.

BLT Egglets

One of the biggest obstacles with the Keto diet is finding things to substitute buns, or bread with. For this particular recipe, they’ve used hard boiled eggs. After you’re done preparing the eggs, you simply half them and spread a little mayo on one side. Add some bacon, lettuce, tomato and stack the other egg half on top. Season with salt and pepper and you have a delicious yet simple keto friendly snack! To read this recipe in its entirety, click here.


Philly Cheesesteak Lettuce Wrap

This recipe is incredibly easy to make! It starts with cooking some peppers and onion in vegetable oil. After you’ve got them cooked a bit, you’re going to remove them and throw some thinly sliced skirt steak into your skillet.  Once cooked to your desired level, add your onion/pepper mixture back in and cook everything together. Finally, sprinkle some provolone on top. Serve on top of butter lettuce and you’ve successfully made this Keto dish. The complete recipe can be found here.

Cheesy Bacon Butternut Squash

It’s hard to go wrong with a dish that incorporates so many delicious things. This recipe is also incredibly easy to make. It can be prepped in 10 minutes and ready in about 30! To save yourself even more time, buy butternut squash that is already pre-cut. To prepare this meal, you simply need to season the squash and cook it for about 20 minutes with the bacon sprinkled on top. Then, take your pan out of the oven and add both mozzarella and parmasean cheese. Cook for another 5 min or so and voila! You have a dinner that is sure to please even your toughest critics. If you’re interested in making this dish, you can find the recipe here.


Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Zucchini

If you like cream cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, red pepper flakes, garlic, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, you’ll want to make this recipe ASAP. Once all these ingredients are combined, scoop out the middle of the zucchini halves and add the mixture inside. Season with salt and pepper and wrap the entire thing with two slices of bacon. Bake for 35-40 minutes and you’re ready to eat! This enticing recipe can be found here.


Keto can be intimidating if you aren’t sure where to start. Keep things simple and fresh by frequently trying new things. Take control of your health and give this new lifestyle a try.