Social Media

Social media, whether we like it or not, is a part of our day-to-day lives. It permeates everything from where we get entertainment to our news and everything in between, it’s a part of our lives and it’s here to stay. There are however different social media outlets that are more toxic than others. The best way to live with this new lifestyle is to figure out how you interact with it. You can take the power back from social media outlets by choosing what and who you engage with. Here are a few ways to skip the toxic influences in your life and keep you on a healthy positive track.


Most Toxic

Let’s start off with the most toxic and we can build from there. Instagram is by far the most toxic social media outlet. Curated photos and a “lifestyle brand” are simply not proper representations of what a life looks like and should aspire to. Providing such unrealistic and unhealthy expectations is simply toxic. A constant comparison between fake luxe living, follower count, comments, and all other negative barometers of success is damaging to our way of life. The easiest way to live with social media and not let it affect you is to stay off comparison attention seeking outlets like this. Additionally, it’s partner company Facebook, is where all the comparison and attention seeking started. While not as toxic as Instagram, Facebook has departed from its original use and become somewhat of a monster of misinformation. Being careful with what and who you engage with on Facebook is your best bet to live in harmony with yourself and technology.


Depends on How You Use Them

Twitter is a bit more of a mixed bag when it comes to toxicity on the Internet. It all depends on how you use it and its purpose in your life. If it’s where you’re getting your news, information, and opinions of the world, it might not be the best bet. But if you use it for more entertainment and you’re careful with who you interact with and pay attention to, it can be a great outlet.


Least Toxic

TikTok is by far the least toxic social media outlet. The interactions are quick, mostly lighthearted and fun, and will keep you laughing rather than screaming at your phone. A lot of people find escapism in TikTok videos and end up feeling calmer rather than jazzed up and angry with the world. This app celebrates everyone’s uniqueness and what they can bring to the world to make it a better place. Sure, there are some accounts out there that aren’t in it for the right reasons, but on a whole, TikTok is by far the least toxic social media outlet.


Social media will be here for the long-haul, so if you’re someone that is not thrilled by this concept, being selective and choosing where you spend your time will be beneficial and healthier. Take a good luck at who you were following and what you were filling your mind with.