Clean living does not have to be an all-or-nothing affair. Deciding to put your world upside and follow all the rules of clean living in one day will be hard in every area of your life. For example, your whole kitchen will need to be sorted and substituted. This can cost a lot of money all at once as well. It will also send your digestive tract from a loop.

Vegetable and Fruits

One of the first things you need to do is start adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. This is an excellent first step. When you push your cart through the grocery store head to the produce section first. Build your meals around some of your favorites. Adding more vegetables doesn’t mean you have to eat the ones you do not like. Try and diversify but start with the ones that you enjoy. The same goes for the fruits. Set your fruit out in plain sight. It will help you slowly evolve your diet with it easy to grab.

Less Processed

Clean eating is the opposite of processed food. Start slowly eliminating processed. As you look at the products in your home, it may be overwhelming how many of them are processed. Getting rid of them slowly will make it easier to accomplish. Losing processed foods means that most of the meals will need to be cooked by you. Like most frozen foods, those foods with preservatives do not fall into the clean-living category. Therefore, a quick-frozen meal will not be on the menu anymore. Slowly start eliminating, and you will feel the difference. While you may spend a little more time in the kitchen to avoid processed foods, your stomach will thank you.


Using suitable oils when you cook is an easy thing to change. Stay away from vegetable oils and butter when cooking. Oils can be highly processed. It can ruin a meal that was made with all clean foods. Olive oil is a good exchange. Whenever you see an oil needed, use olive oil. This is such a simple thing, and you will not notice a considerable change in the taste. Start stocking your shelves with olive oil and throw out the rest.

Leave the Sugar

Sugar is not on the table in a clean-eating household. Avoid anything that has extra sugar added to it. Another ingredient to look out for is high-fructose corn syrup. It may be hard to avoid, but you need to leave out the sugar to see the real benefits of clean living. The amount of sugar in many of our products is not something that we need in our diet. Slowly stop getting the products that add sugar.


Alcohol is filled with ingredients that are not needed in a clean diet. Al the yeast and other grains are known to add to inflammation in the body. The moderate use of some wines has been known to help. Start limiting your alcohol use, and you will notice a huge difference.

Clean living does not have to happen all at once.