When we do not like our clothes, we can change them. If we do not like our view, we can move. What is more challenging is changing the things that are not physical. Getting into a bad mood and changing it takes a lot more effort. How can we go about changing the feelings that we feel? Many experts are trying to tell you how to do this. What works for one will not always work for everyone. Try out a few of these techniques. Hopefully, one will be what you need to put the smile back on your face.



What is the first thing you want to do when you start to feel down? Many want to head for their bed and crawl back into it. To curl up and try and forget about all that is going wrong. This can be the worst move to make. Instead of laying down, get up and move. It doesn’t matter the type of movement. Leave where you are and go for a nature walk or just a walk around the block. Those that can’t leave the house can move within their home. Turn on a yoga lesson, Yoga with Adriene can be found on YouTube. Or turn on your favorite music and dance it out! Anything that you can do to get those happy endorphins flowing.



Get your mind off of your troubles and on to something else. Pondering about other matters is a great way to change your outlook. There are many ways to go about things. If you are religious, you can start with reading and pondering that material. Those looking for something less spiritual to ponder could try some self-reflection books. Women Health Magazine has a list of “60 Questions That Will Make You Think All Of The Thoughts“. This could get you focusing on all the good things in life. As you ponder, the worries of the day can melt away.


Another way to get away from our thoughts is to hear someone else’s. Even if you are an introvert, interacting with others is a great way to change your mood. There are many ways to socialize. It doesn’t have to mean getting ready and going out. Instead of hiding behind your thumbs, put the phone to your ear. Hearing another person’s voice instead of reading their words is better. It is easier to understand their meaning when you can listen to their voice. You wouldn’t want to hurt your mood further with a misunderstanding. Hearing the problems and concerns of others is a great way to get your mind off your own. It can even make you feel better to help another with their struggles. We are not meant to be solitary. People need others. Spend time with those you love. They will help keep a smile on your face.


Changing a mood is no easy task. Finding the proper method for you is the first step you need to take.