Lifting weights

Working out seems to always go along with the thought of trying to lose weight. This should not be the only reason you are doing it. There is so much more to gain from the hours we are sweating away in the gym. With the effort, you should be looking for other benefits to keep you motivated. The more we do it, the more ways we will see that it is affecting our lives. If you are taking the time to dedicate to exercise in your busy lives, you should be looking for the following improvements in your life.


Me Time

Spending time alone is not a situation that most find themselves in. When you are at work, you are surrounded by tasks and other employees. Unless you live alone, you go home to your family or roommates. We spend most of our days with other people. Taking time to be alone is needed to center ourselves. You will start to crave the time that you can spend with your mind. While sitting alone is an option, improving your health is another way to spend your alone time. Put in your headphones or be alone with your thought while going for a walk or run.



Woman by water

Do you ever wake up and have no energy? First thing after waking up, we shouldn’t be struggling to find the power to the bare minimum. Everyday Health gives an overview of the ways exercise helps us have more energy. The extra release of endorphins always leaves us feeling better than we were before. Exercise will also improve our sleep, letting us sleep sounder. With better sleep, we can wake more refreshed and ready to take on the day. Our cognitive health is always sharpened, helping us focus and complete our tasks easier.



How do you feel when you complete a challenging work assignment or home project? Finishing a task should make us feel proud. With this same logic finishing a workout challenge or our own small health goals would have the same results. Set your own goals. Start small if it has been a while since you have exercised. Watch as you fill with pride each time you rush past your goals. Feeling good about ourselves is more important than what size we are.



Woman smiling

Endurance is more than just one area that can get better. While perseverance to finish a run or hard work out will be great, there are other things. Endurance to get all the chores around the house done quickly without needing to rest. Endurance to play with the kids at the park instead of sitting on the bench and only watching them. Endurance to mentally be present with friends and family. Live a more fulfilling life by increasing your endurance.


When you take steps to be healthier physically, you will see the mental advantages as well. Dropping a few pant sizes will become the secondary goal.