It’s that time of year again where everyone is going on summer trips and vacations.  This can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety of planning and executing the perfect getaway.  One area you can minimize frustration is packing.  Take the stress out of packing everything you’ll need by following along with this guide and getting organized.  You’ll never have to run last minute to the hotel gift shop for something only to pay twice the amount and lose out on precious vacation time.


Know Your Destination

Once you know where you are going and have an idea of what activities you’ll be taking part in, it’s time to start thinking about packing.  Planning your packing essentials is just about as important as booking the trip.  You want to take everything you’ll need and then some, so start planning early.  Don’t leave packing to the night before, you’ll always end up forgetting something.  Take your itinerary and start outfit planning.  Print out a handy packing checklist online and start filling it out ahead of time.  When it comes time to loading everything into a suitcase, you’ll have a list of all the essentials and won’t miss a beat.


Take the Essentials

Once you have an idea of what you will need, outfit plan based on day to day activities and events.  You can even organize and use Ziplock bags to label the date and occasion for each outfit.  When you go to get ready in the morning, you just grab the bag with the correct date on it and you’re ready to go.  This helps minimalize the chances of overpacking and having too many extras.  Be diligent about packing the essentials and you can never go wrong.


Think Summer

Pack your summer accessory essentials.  Everything from sunscreen, lip balm, to extra hair ties, think of everything you could possibly need.  If you are going camping, you’re going to want bug sprays, band aids and a good pair of sneakers.  If you are traveling to an exotic beach, you’ll need the perfect workhorse bathing suit and a cute pair of sandals.  Put together your summer accessory essentials and keep them all packed together separate.  You’ll have a go-to emergency bag ready to go with everything you could possibly need.


Even More Accessories!

Now that you have your outfits and accessories ready to go, now you need your summer vacationing activity accessories.  Get your reading list together – books you want to read while lying on the beach or lake dock.  Curate the perfect summer vacation playlist to jam out to while getting ready in the morning or while taking a midnight dip in the pool.  Think about your relaxing activities and pack all the little extras to add to the perfect getaway.


Planning for a perfect trip is hard enough as it is, take some of the stress out by making packing a breeze.  Use some of these tips and come up with a few of your own for the ultimate easy packing experience.